Merry Christmas Gaming Mouse Pad

This 80 cm x 29 cm (31.5" x 11.4") mousepad with rubber base comes in 5mm thickness and with spongy filler for added comfort. Extended size mat provides a larger usable area to cover the desktop's keyboard, mouse, and other stuff. Stitched covering on the sides ensures it doesn't fray or fall apart like other ordinary mouse pads.

Its long width allows free movement and comfort.

Side stitches give the pad an elegant look and prevent future fraying.

Its non-slip base surface prevents the mouse pad to move around when using, whilst its soft and smooth surface allows the mouse to move across very easily.

Its water-resistant surface material makes this mat durable and easy to clean. It’s perfect for gaming, office and home use.

It’s easy to carry, you can roll it and carry it anywhere.

* Side stitched
* 80cm x 29cm (31.5" x 11.4")
* 5mm (0.2”) thickness
* Vivid colours
* Non Slip
* Soft
* Easy to carry
* Easy to clean

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* Please note that due to the nature of the base material, actual product size may slightly vary.


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